Strategy for implementing a Training system based on the revised categories of trades and skills on employment in the port sector.

The hereby strategy is a vision on implementing a training system based on skills for personnel in the port sector in the light of technological development of ports, which is both consistent with developments in the area (see EU Strategy for the Danube Region1), and with the wider general European framework who, by the Europe 2020 Strategy puts forward three mutually reinforcing priorities: “Smart growth: developing an economy based on knowledge and innovation; - sustainable growth: promoting a more efficient economy in terms of resource use, greener and more competitive; - inclusive growth: promoting an economy with a high rate of employment, ensuring social and territorial cohesion”.




Blue NET -Maritime Clusters Network for Blue Growth

Italy is a country with a long tradition in maritime sector, during decades specific competences and knowledges has been developed in sectors like shipping, shipbuilding and boatbuilding, those helped national maritime acquiescence to grow and create a strengthened structure supporting the national economy. Nowadays maritime sector is facing constant changes with direct consequences even on national assets, redefining them and generating new growing maritime fields and are rising in the current scenario.



Feasibility study for establishment of the most efficient solutions for regular maritime services connecting Black Sea and Danube ports

The general objective of the project is: to contribute to the economic development of the area by supporting improved access and better connections of the European and Asian economy among ports within the Danube-Black Sea area, with the following specific objectives: 1. To improve the capacity of the stakeholders to develop improved or new freight eco-friendly water transport routes as a connection between European and Asian economy; 2. To advocate the use of the alternatives routes to connect Black Sea and Danube, as a contribution to the decreasing of the pollution caused by different type of transport coming to coastal areas; 3. To promote the maritime and inland water transport as a source for sustainable economic and social development of the area.



Action plan to achieve the strategic objectives identified in the strategy for implementing a training system based on the revised categories of trades and skills on employment in the port sector.




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