InfoDanube was inaugurated on 17 May 2011 and is one of the results of the NELI project- Cooperation-Network for logistics and nautical education focusing on Inland Waterway Transport in the Danube corridor supported by innovative solutions and was released as a result of renovation and modernization of the School Pontoon from CERONAV- Romanian Maritime Training Centre

The need for a Centre for Information and Training in the field of transport on inland waterways came in response to the lack of such a centre in Europe and of the promotion of this sector.

The need for developing an Information and Training Centre in Romania, was significant, because the Danube crosses the longest distance on the Romanian sector, but also due to its geographical significance (linking the North Sea and the Black Sea through the Rhine-Main-Danube channel), which would certainly guarantee a large number of potentially interested people.

InfoDanube aims to increase public awareness on importance of inland waterway transport sector, to provide information about the sector, to attract young people to prospective careers in this sector, to create opportunities for alternative forms of training and to provide potential customers an easy and free of charge access to information on Danube logistics services in order to foster the modal shift to inland waterway transport.

InfoDanube is located in the Commercial Port of Galati, pier 13/14.

Target group

  • The general public
  • Young people interested to pursue a career in the field of inland waterway navigation
  • Students from the schools and high school from the field
  • Teachers
  • Port and transport operators
  • Professional associations and organizations from the field
  • Tourists

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Through this Centre it tries to:

increase public awareness on the importance of inland waterway sector,

promoting and encouraging the development of young entrepreneur spirit related to this area,

providing reliable information from the field of inland transport,

attraction of youth enthusiasm not only to the professions in the field of inland waterway transport,

cooperation with stakeholders in order to seek together solutions to improve aspects related to inland waterway transport,

advice on training opportunities to those interested to start a career in this area, etc.. transport,

InfoDanube Equipment

InfoDanube is equipped with multimedia elements, appliances and tools to reach its triple purpose: information, training, entertainment:

- three mobile info terminal kiosks with touch screen LCD display and offering internet access,

- a multimedia software application developed both in Romanian and English provides information about the Danube (history, geography, transport, ports, river administrations, Danube organizations, vessels, equipments, education, jobs, tourist attractions along the Danube etc.) and invite visitors to take a knowledge test at the end.

- an interactive education and training software which is a stand-alone program for training at individual level. - a 3-element multimedia system consisting of:

• Sympodium – interactive display with touch screen allowing on spot insertion of annotations or comments by making use of an integrated pencil or any other pointed object and easy access to multimedia files or internet.

• audio system including speakers, audio station with mixer, wireless microphones to ensure a proper sound management during the events hosted by the InfoDanube,

• LED TV display for projection of presentations, training materials, advertising materials etc. - two desktop computers are used as simulation stations or for the storage of information materials, databases, navigation maps, reference books, photo gallery and others,

- exhibition ship models (tug boats, tow boats, barges) placed on specially designed stands, and released at visitors’ disposal to observe their main characteristics and discern among the various types of ships, - radio control boats which are the delight of young children as they can play with them from the pontoon or the Danube bank,

- mobile folding panels displaying relevant information about the Danube and InfoDanube,

- information materials: brochures, flyers, posters, roll ups, banners, mobile panels for display of information, etc.,

- promotion materials: T-shirts, bags, badges, flags, caps and others alike,

- training materials: reference books, dictionaries, thematic videos on CDs/ DVDs, panels with sailor knots, ship engines models, ship models, marlin spike tool kit, vitality tools, binoculars etc.,

The space inside allows rearranging so that InfoDanube becomes a perfect location for organising seminars, workshops, round-table discussions, open lessons and other meetings and recreational activities.

17th of May 2011 event- "Opening Ceremony"

    InfoDanube, the Romanian Information and Training Centre, was inaugurated on the 17th of May 2011 in Galati. The ceremony gathered together a large number of people from Romania and abroad, the participants showing a vivid interest in the first such centre ever being established in Romania.

    Opening speeches and presentations during the morning session of the opening ceremony managed to pique the curiosity of the participants for InfoDanube so that the on-site visit featured in the agenda of the event was a real success.


InfoDanube is one of the most tangible results of the European co-funded project NELI

Cooperation-Network for logistics and nautical education focusing on Inland Waterway Transport in the Danube corridor supported by innovative solutions implemented within the Transnational Cooperation Programme South East Europe.


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Telephone: +40 0236 416 773

Address: Port of Galati, pier 13/14